By Chris Tham

What do you do in a bear market?

If anyone says that they know with 100% certainty how the crypto market will move, they’re likely either lying or overconfident (otherwise please DM me the future too). But even in uncertain market conditions, opportunities still abound.

Even with a significant proportion of one’s portfolio in stablecoins, there are plenty of sources to earn (relatively) high yields on them. These can be through centralized platforms such as the exchanges that offer stablecoin deposits, or decentralized ones such as the yield aggregators.

While transparency is a core tenet of Web 3.0, a segment of users have been concerned with the completely open records of their on-chain behaviour. Potential privacy leakages and security threats associated with transfers across protocols have become pertinent threats to their usage. With DeFi already at $63.45B in TVL (according to DeFi Pulse), these threats call for urgent action.

Enter Automata.

Automata Network provides a seamless, decentralised privacy solution for dApps across multi-chain ecosystems. It is built based on industry-leading cryptography, privacy-protection algorithms, and hardware trusted platforms. …

By Pranav Pandya

DeFi today is not yet suited for mainstream adoption, with fragmented offerings, suboptimal UI/UX, and lack of education. How do we break through these barriers?

We are all early-birds

Of the many exponential trends in the world today, DeFi has undoubtedly earned its place. Even with an estimated TVL of $60 billion at the time of writing, up from $1 billion just a year ago, and with hundreds of applications across every financial sector, it is still clear that this is a nascent niche. Not only is DeFi tiny compared to traditional finance, it is also only…

By Stefano Bury

Web 3.0 has given the ability to anyone to be their own bank and Asset Manager, increased transparency and control over investment decisions, and introduced composability among DeFi projects, enabling investors to connect “money Legos” to create previously unimaginable financial products. However, outside the cryptosphere, not everyone can or wants to be their own Asset Manager. Decentralized Asset Management solves for this, keeping the best elements of Web 3.0 while allowing the delegation of investment decisions that an investor may not be well-informed enough to make. …

By Shi Khai Wei

It is nigh impossible to overlook the explosion of interest in NFTs in the past year. From artist Beeple’s $69M auction at Christie’s, to NBA’s Top Shot moments grossing over $230M in sales, and the more bizarre like Jack Dorsey’s $2.9M sale for his first Tweet, the list of creators and celebrities issuing these unique, Non-Fungible Tokens grows by the day. Why is there such fervor?

Valuing the Intangible

By Shi Khai Wei

In bull markets, investors both retail and institutional flood in seeking life-changing wealth. But as the numbers go up and down, and each day grabs us in new twists and flashes of red and green, it bears reminding that the intangible value of crypto can be equally or sometimes even more rewarding than tangible wealth.

Let’s talk about how crypto gives you power.

Knowledge as power

We believe supporting innovation starts with understanding it. As the breadth of invention and adoption of blockchain continues only to accelerate, our team took the opportunity to speak with some of the foremost and leading investors to provide a fresh take on a topic that has intrigued and frustrated the industry in turn: tokenomics.

Tokens create a paradigm shift in terms of how utility could be measured, how value could be accrued, and even how the utility of the system could be dynamically valued and represented. And good token economics makes all the difference.

— Jehan Chu, Cofounder and Managing…

By: Shi Khai Wei

Tokens are no longer an optional feature for Web 3.0 projects

You may recall the Cambrian explosion of ICO projects in 2017–2018, where projects largely printed their own money to raise capital, in the form of “utility tokens” which more often than not simply introduced friction in the usage of platforms.

Tokens for fundraising

If we take reference from Brian Armstrong’s video on Building Crypto Companies at A16Z’s Crypto Startup School, a crypto startup uses crypto to:

  1. Raise funds
  2. Acquire customers
  3. Expand internationally

While ICOs did exceptionally well in the first category, it has largely failed in the other 2 respects. Tokens were mainly bought up by speculators who never…

Let’s see. Unprecedented yields, constantly rising TVLs, and more mature, sophisticated products being constantly launched. If you’re plugged into the DeFi ecosystem, this could well be one of the most exciting times of your life.

Still, if this feels huge now, the real wave is yet to come. Institutions are still waiting on the sidelines, (though we are seeing increasing efforts with CeDeFi) and mainstream users are yet to be onboard.

2020 turned out to be a stellar year in the land of crypto/digital assets, with BTC hitting an all time high above USD34K, and DeFi’s Total Value Locked growing from USD1B in January to USD15B in December. According to The Block, Bitcoin’s on-chain transaction volume has also increased by 42% from $672 billion in 2019 to $960 billion in 2020.

While the Covid situation has disrupted people’s life at an unprecedented level, the crypto/digital asset market has fortunately fared better for a few key reasons:

1) Growing institutional adoption of bitcoin due to the growing narrative around Bitcoin being “Digital…

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LongHash Ventures is an investment fund, venture builder, and accelerator focused on catalysing the growth of the native Web 3.0 economy.

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