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If DeFi is about programmable money, then DAOs are about programmable power. While they often intertwine, the design of DAOs has taken a life of its own. In this rapidly evolving landscape, let’s take a look at 3 archetypes, and where they break down.

1. Project DAOs

Purpose: Decentralize governance and ownership, tap…

We strongly believe in the philosophy of decentralization: the core of Web 3.0 and a key enabler of power for communities to drive decisions on how protocols improve and evolve. As Web 3 projects shift to a decentralized governance model, we look to shed light on how you can do…

While transparency is a core tenet of Web 3.0, a segment of users have been concerned with the completely open records of their on-chain behaviour. Potential privacy leakages and security threats associated with transfers across protocols have become pertinent threats to their usage. With DeFi already at $63.45B …

You may recall the Cambrian explosion of ICO projects in 2017–2018, where projects largely printed their own money to raise capital, in the form of “utility tokens” which more often than not simply introduced friction in the usage of platforms.

Tokens for fundraising

If we take reference from Brian Armstrong’s video on Building…

LongHash Ventures

We are a Web 3 investment fund and accelerator actively collaborating with founders to navigate the crypto landscape in Asia and build their Web 3 model.

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